Mally Harpaz, Hazel Iris, Honey Tape, Marc Marcovic

Marie-Antoinette, Holzmarktstraße 15, 10179 Berlin

Blind Dog studio Presents is coming to Berlin featuring 4 artists:

Hazel Iris

Avant-Pop & Indie-Folk artist Hazel Iris composes short pieces using patterns found in the rich storytelling traditions of Lieder and Folk. She studied Opera Performance in Germany and began to write her own music while living in London. Now based in Berlin, her playful attitude to fusion in a genre-twisting song craft weaves together social and emotional commentary à la Tori Amos, Kate Bush, Björk and Feist. Ushered in with a twist of heart-warming eccentricity, this classically trained and extraordinarily talented spirit explores ethereal folk strolls, upbeat pomp and splendour and haunting but touching ballads, while effortlessly blurring the lines of indie, electronic, folk, and classical music with the wave of her wand. – The Sound Shark


Mally Harpaz

London based multi instrumentalist Mally Harpaz (Anna Calvi, Hazel Iris, James Marples) performs her original compositions from her debut solo album Zoom In Zoom Out. These pieces were predominantly composed as part of a collaboration with awards winning video artist Clara Aparicio Yoldi. There are some compositions that were created to inspire, and Mally Harpaz’s ‘Zoom In Zoom Out’ is fuelled by them. Zoom In Zoom Out is a score; tracks like ‘Voices’ and ‘Not Without Pain’ say everything that has to be said: to anyone, wherever they are when listening. For me, a dark room through studio headphones with an aching soul – Get in Her Ears


Marc Marcovic

Marc Marcovic ist ein Troubadour der Anamnese, ein zeit- und heimatloser Ashok, der seine phonetischen Sprachwelten mit hauntologischer Melancholie aus dem kollektiven Unbewussten entwickelt, indem Bruckstücke von Erfahrungen und fragmentarisches Denken zu einem mythisch neuen Ganzen zusammengesetzt werden. Als Spiegelbild seiner eigenen Simulation behauptet die Kunstfigur Marc Marcovic ihre Existenz in einem halluzinatorischen Niemandsland zwischen Spekulation und Gewissheit.



It all started with two cool moms chatting in their local barber shop. Later that year, their two sons, Amir Darzi, with a distinctive, velvet-like singing voice that sends you back in time and Miki Katz, a young old-fashioned guitarist got together. They created a single barrel full of melodic rock hooks with a pinch of pop psychedelia. Followed by the captivating Motown bass lines of Lital Regev and the groovy modern drums of Dean Martin. The band has recently finished recording their debut EP at Kerwax studio in France.